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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding installation and availability of AnyForm form software?

  1. What are the minimum system requirements for AnyForm?
    WIN 98, NT, Me, 2K, XP, VISTA and WIN 7 32bit/64bit, WIN 8, WIN10. Optionally Windows-supported printer plus a TWAIN compatible scanning device, if you want to scan original paper forms and define them as AnyForm Templates. Alternatively you can also import the following graphic file formats directly into AnyForm: GIF, BMP, PNG and JPG.

  2. What if you get the following error message "you are not an Administrator equivalent user. For registration please run AnyForm with an Administrator equivalent account" when installing AnyForm?
    For WIN 7 and WIN 8 it it is mandatory that you press with the right mouse click on the setup.exe file and select the command "run in the administrator mode" . Otherwise WIN will not recognize you as wser with admin rights and consequently AnyForm software will not be installed on your PC due to "missing" admin rights of the user. 

  3. In which languages is Anyform available?
    AnyForm is available in English, Spanish and German.


  4. Do we need in any case a scanner to work with AnyForm?
    No, AnyForm enables you also to fill out original paper forms quickly and comfortably just based on the countless pre-defined AnyForm Templates called "Free Forms" covering official paper and preprinted forms for export, insurance matters etc. for immediate filling and saving which you can download from our our Free Forms Site

  5. How can I use AnyForm on a Client-Server network?
    Install AnyForm on each PC (Client) of your network separately and store all AnyForm files (Templates und Forms) only on your server (Host). By this you can access and administer all AnyForm files from each Client of your network easily. 

  6.  Which databases does AnyForm support?
    AnyForm supports all databases, which do have an ODBC-interface, like 
    MS Excel, MS Access, Oracle, Informix, Sybase etc.

Questions regarding the most important functions of AnyForm form software

  1. What is the difference between an AnyForm Template (*.aft) and an AnyForm Form (*.aff)?

    AnyForm Template, marked by a red icon on the upper left corner of the screen, is a variable template, which can be altered any time by adjusting for instance the size, the attributes (text, number or date) and the fonts of the respective fields or by altering the underlying arithmetic function according to your personal needs.

    AnyForm Form, marked by a green icon on the upper left corner of the screen, is an unvariable template, which cannot be altered and in which you can fill the data content of the form by jumping with the tab-key from field to field. Each AnyForm Form is based on a corresponding AnyForm Template. Therefore in an AnyForm Form you can only alter the content of a field, but not the field with its attributes as such. By this it is guaranteed that the structure of the form is not being overwritten or deleted when you fill out the AnyForm Form with data.�


  2. What has to be done, when you open an AnyForm Form and the warning: �Template *.aft could not be opened, images are not available� appears?
    Go to File Menu -> Options -> General. There you see a dialog-box, where you have to type in the exact directory, in which you have stored your AnyForm Templates, e.g. c:\Program Files\AnyForm\Templates. If you leave this dialog-box blank, AnyForm does not know where to search the required AnyForm Template on your PC!

  3. Suppose you get ########## when filling in a field of an AnyForm Form?
     There are different reasons for ######## possible:

    1.  The attributes of the data (number, text, date) do not coincide with the default attribute in the AnyForm Template for the respective field (e.g. when you type a text instead of numbers only into a number field � June 11 02 instead of 06.11.02).
      solution: Select the respective field in the AnyForm Template, go to Field Menu -> attributes -> tick the desired field attribute (e.g �text�) and confirm with OK.

    2. The format of the date typed in the date field does not match with the default date of the respective field in the AnyForm Template (e.g. default date format: �21.03.97� , typed in date format: �March 21, 1997�). 
      solution: Either type in the date according to the default format or change the date format of the respective date field in the AnyForm Template. 

    3. The amount of data is too big to fit into the defined field in the AnyForm Template.
      Solution: Select the said field in the AnyForm Template and enlarge it accordingly. 

  4. What, if always the current date appears when filling out an AnyForm Form?
    Select the respective date field in the AnyForm Template and go to Field Menu -> Attributes -> Date Type -> Date and de-activate the option �current date� double-clicking the box there.

  5. Which arithmetic and logical functions does AnyForm support?
    With the macroeditor function in the Field Menu the following arithmetic operations can be done:

    1. the basic arithmetic operations (+,-,*,/).

    2. the rounding up and down of numbers (by using �if clauses�, for more details see the help file)

    3. the alternative selection of individual fields as the case may require, i.e. depending on whether the concrete result of the arithmetic function is >, = or < 0 (by using �if clauses�, for more details see the help file)

    4. the staggered calculating of amounts (e.g. 20% taxes up to 100�000, 25% taxes between 100�000 and 200�000 and 30% taxes for amounts > 200�000, for more details see the help file) 


  6. What, if you would like to print out the filled in data together with the background of the form on a blank paper? 
    Go to File Menu -> Options -> Printing and just activate the function �print images� by double-clicking the box there.

  7. Where do I find more valuable information on how to work efficiently and comfortably with AnyForm?

    a) In any case in the AnyForm User's Manual, which you can download for free as PDF-file. The comprehensive AnyForm User's Manual  gives you an in-depth understanding of all important
        features and functions of AnyForm. Download AnyForm User's Manual now

    b) In the various AnyForm Video Tutorials which we publish on our Support Site you will learn easily step by step the manifold benefits of the main AnyForm software functions.

    c) the AnyForm help file informs you in detail about each function of AnyForm and the most frequent error messages and warnings in connection with the use of AnyForm.
        of AnyForm.

       Should you have any further questions please contact us under support@smartform.com  and we promise you to offer you quick, competent and free assistance for all your problems with